Last Month

In the past month not much has happened. School life has been very much the same as last month. However time seems to be going by a lot faster now.  Getting ready for graduation has been mind blowing it seems like a dream. I can’t seem to get over the fact that I will be done with school in just a few weeks. Part of me feels like I am nowhere near ready to say goodbye and face the future. As of now I just ordered my tickets and still have some more to in preparation for graduation. Other than that everything with classes is going well and just trying to keep up with deadlines. I am hoping to have my paper assessments completed before its due date. Just so I can have room to breath and enjoy my last few days at school. So far I have been extremely lazy when it comes to school and can’t seem to focus on anything. At this moment I have no choice but to force myself to complete all that needs to be done. I also have been thinking a lot about my loans and jobs so far just scared about the next few years that are coming my way. I hope things work out and I find a job that I enjoy and pays well.


The month February

The month February is one filled with many insights. I am excited to finish up my art course next month. This course made realize that art comes from the mindset of the individual. If one believes that they are not suitable for the creation of art, then they have blocked their minds from their ability to be creative. I know I am not the best of drawers but I know that taking this course enabled me to open my mind and challenge myself.  On top of this relaxing course is my “makes your head hurt” statistics class. Math was never my best friend nor my neighbor. Thus, taking this course challenges me greatly because I feel like the more I study the less I seem to understand. I respect all individuals who are able to think mathematically because this field has a language of its own. I believe I am more of a social and creative person. I will be more happy finish this course than completing my college career. Since my college years math is one of my greatest struggles.

The social works field is filled with its ups and downs. I am ready for a mental break. Social work is a career path that takes a mental strain on the social worker. Imagine dealing with clients that are faced with the possibility of becoming homeless, or whose children are being taken away, or worse being an elderly person with no one to visit you. This is emotionally draining for me. On top of that, the stress of school work and other aspects of life add on to my difficulties. Other than that, all is well, just all waiting until it’s all done.



The hardest part of writing these blogs is not having much to say at times. This month is one of those months. It seems not much has been happening with school life. It’s only the start of the semester so everything seems to be moving very smoothly. As of now, my only worry is time because with work and internship I hope to be on top of my classes when things begin to pickup. Part of me is so bored at my internship I think because I seem to be doing the same thing over and over. Most of my classmates have an idea of what they want to do after graduating, and as for me I have no idea. I am taking every thing one step at a time. Sometimes I find myself in class daydreaming now more then ever. The laziness of this College senior is taking over.  The thought of school being done feels so good even though part of me is scared. I can’t wait to not worry about deadlines and exams. I have decided to take off a year or two before going back to school for my masters.  I know I can’t go back now because I am really burned out. I fear that I wont do as well as I am capable if I go immediately after I am done with this year. Other than not being able to waite until May, all else is going well.

Fall Semester


This past month school has been going well and the majority of my time was spent thinking about what classes I have left. I have also been looking at my loans and trying to figure out my monthly payments. Unlike this semester, next semester I will have a very full schedule with a part time job in the weekend and internship three days out of the week. Hopefully I stay on top of balancing everything. At this moment I am a bit worried about my last math class. I was never great with math I just hope I do well this term and never have to worry about math again. Classes for this fall semester was great however there is always room for improvement. For this spring semester I am hoping to work extremely hard and give my classes a hundred percent. As of now, I am on top of my classes for my major however after this term I will be about two classes short on amount of credits, which I plan on taking in the summer.

Smooth month

Things have been going smooth this past month. However, it seems laziness has taken the majority of my time. Classes have changed much but since this is my last year I have been extremely busy with my internship; Its like having the responsibly of a part time job with out the pay.  I find myself questioning if the social work path is really for me. I especially find my self-having these thoughts this month because of the amount of stress I face working with the clients. I am at times very sad because I feel as though I cant help relieve the pain or stress of the clients who come to me for assistance. Even though I can help them apply for housing or healthcare at the end of the day I am not the one that will approve of their paper work.  And its extremely sad when there are elderly who are homeless with no where to go in this cold weather. It is because of the many problems and issues people are facing everyday that makes me think if this is a job I can do for the rest of my life.

When I am in the classroom and learning lessons everything is great and I like what I am doing. However, when I take those lessons and put it to action with really people I don’t have that same passion. The reason for this is the difference between reading a book and dealing with someone sitting right their share their problems. It is because of this reason that I learned my heart is too soft to be doing this for a lifetime.

I can’t believe this is the last semester of my college life, it seem just yesterday I walked out of High school. Now I am entering the real world and many challenges awaited. I would be lying if I said part of me is not nervous, school is all I have known, so what next?


The past month has been going well. It seems all of my classmates and I have been having a hard time making up our minds about whether to go on with the masters immediately or to wait. Personally as of now I really just want to take a break from school for a year and work. Mentally I feel as though I will break if I carry on with my education without taking some time off. Other then that, classes have been going well. I had to make a tough decision and withdrew from my weekend class. From the beginning I sort of knew that the weekend class was not going to work, yet I still took the class. . By the second week of class I made the decision to withdraw and take it next semester three days a week, which works better than two weekends a month. I am still busy with my internship. My internship is placed right in the center of the Somali community. So far it’s been going extremely well. Most of my clients are from East Africa and my daily job is to assist and organize groups that meet once every other week.  I assist clients with anything from housing application, healthcare applications, and reading papers and translating. These are just the minor things that I do daily. People come in with many issues; I then set goals that work with their needs. We are already starting to register for next semester classes. It seems time is flying by while things around me is moving really slow.

Almost there!

            Wow I can’t believe this is my last year of college.   Time has gone by so fast. It seems like freshmen year was just yesterday.  Personally, It feels like just when I started to make sense of college, its over. I guess that’s how life works. For this semester there is only one class I am worried about which is statistics.  Knowing my history with math it probably wasn’t the best idea to take a math class that only meets every other weekend. It’s too late now to change my class, however I cant help but be a little worried. Hopefully everything works out with this class. All my other classes are going well as of now, and hopefully it stays that way.  It’s interesting to watch the new freshman’s coming in with their bright happy faces.  Part of me wants to tell them to enjoy it because it wont lost long.  Something about school, the longer your there the more your eyes open to see how much you really don’t know.  This month felt like an hour everything is going extremely fast.  We already are talking about midterms in some of my classes its crazy.

            As a social worker I need two years of internship and this year once again I am working with the community. Everything has been going well. I have been learning a lot and its nice to put the knowledge I received to action. Over all everything is going well.